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We focus on the TV in future and intend to provide technologies by an Internet platform to make people watching any TV content anywhere any time.

The users whose devices installed CloudTV have millions in over 70 countries and areas. And around 7,000 live TV channels are broadcasted by the technology of CloudTV.

We also provide an end-end service to over 100 content providers. The service includes content management, billing, payment, content exchange, customized APP, and content promotion etc. Moreover, over 600 TV and boxes manufactures are using the service too, special in OEM app and customer management etc.


Our services

  • CloudTV

An app which is designed to be used on multi-screen devices like pad, mobile phone and TV sets etc. It provides users hundreds of live TV channels with stable and high definition picture quality from diversified content providers. This service covers global clients. Beyond the content, users also enjoy its powerful features including video record, and DIY TV channels etc.


The No.1 OTT platform for the industry leaders, who manage their OTT business, trade and exchange content package and services there. On this platform, anyone without any technical resource is able to easily establish their own OTT business globally because we have provided a total solution from customized APP, CMS to Billing system. It aims to save money and time of either content providers or service providers in the fast changing world.

  • OEM Support

Any partner who is interested in either providing own content or distributing CloudTV aggregated content, may apply for an OEM version of CloudTV app, which is able to be managed by the partners account in the platform as well. This customized app has the partner’s contact, name and other information.


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