What is an Online Media Player ??

It is a consumer product that combines a hard drive enclosed with hardware and software for playing audio, video and photos through a home entertainment system, with an additional function of streaming movies, shows or dramas through the home internet broadband network.


AsiaBox Amconics online media player




Why should you watch online movies instead of going to the theatres?



  • Just received MINIX Neo X7, Kai by amconics provide it, thanks. First impressions, Great device, with a very nice design, WiFi signal and stability is good, Ethernet works great, with 007 firmware, need to test it more deep. But I have a really good first impression with it. From : Leolas
  • Got it this afternoon  & upgraded it to the latest firmware at their premises then did try out some movies which are working fine. Went back home & have it fixed up with my Starhub Maxinfinity. It worked out just fine. Then I tried out the Wireless LAN Adapter which I got it from them also. So far all the instruction are in English & made it easier for me to setup. I used to subscribe cable TV to watch movies and dramas but the movies that are available are all oldies or non popular ones. Now, I can watch tons of movies anytime and most importantly..... It's FREE.... From : Mr Teo ( Jurong, Singapore)

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